Premium ICU Bed


Size ( LxWxH / mm )




X-ray Cassette, Scale

  • Integrated Controller Shelf
  • Dining Table IOption)
  • X- Ray Cassette Holder IOption)
  • O2 Tank holder IOption)
  • Central locking Casters
  • Manual CPR lever
  • Retractable 5th Wheel
  • Enhanced maneuverability when turning corners and on straightaways in any direction.
  • Roller Bumper
  • The roller bumpers at the corner of the bed protect the bed and your facility walls.

Integreated Controls With Siderails

The User - friendly siderails with controls can serve patient to reposition himself and caregivers to reposition the patient.

S/W for medical lineup

Switch for medical lineup can possible Trendelenburg position and the tilt angle is displayed by numbers. Safety devices to prevent the switch operation of patient and carer. CPR, one-touch buttons that will reset to horizontal bed. Medical operation panel when not in use can be stowed out of sight.

Scale operations S/W

built-in scale that Patients can see their weight. Key features : patient  escape from the bed when the buzzer sounded. Patient with a blanket covering, except the weight of the blanket only the patient’s weight can be measured.

Double Retraction

"Double retraction" feature, the bed also helps to provide decubitus prophylaxis. This system is eases pressure in the pelvic region when moving the backrest and the kneerest to the upright position. It also reduces friction and shear forces, preventing the risk of bedsores

  • Mattress Platform : Acrylic, B.S
  • Siderail : P
  • Head, Foot Panel : P
  • Mattress platform size : 1953 x 830mm
  • External dimensions : 2250 x 995mm
  • Height adjustment : 490~890mm
  • Backrest tilt : 0°~75°
  • Knee Gatch : 0°~40°
  • TR/ATR tilt : ±18°
  • Scale system - weighting capacity : 250kg
  • Acc.

IV pole - 1EA Mattress - 1EA Backup Battery - 1EA


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